Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free PSN Games

Free PSN Games, thats what every PS3 owner would love to have. Well, today I will show you how I got Free PSN Games emailed to me entirely free without using a credit card!

Does this really work and is this legal?

If you follow the directions below there's a site that will EMAIL you Free PSN Games! This rewards site, buys the codes from Amazon.com and they get paid by the sponsors that advertise on their site. So yes, this is 100% legit and legal.

Is there proof that this works?

Yes! Thousands of gamers use this rewards site to get Free PSN Games, Microsoft Points, Nintendo Wii Points, Amazon Gift Cards and pretty much anything from Amazon.com!

To the right are a few of my prizes I have got from the rewards site.

Ok, well how do I begin?

Step 1: Sign Up

First you will need to click the banner above, this will take you to a entirely free site. Click on the "JOIN NOW" button at the top right and fill out a short five or six questions.
They ask for your email, I would give them your real email since this is where they send you your Free PSN Games Codes. Make sure you confirm your email address and complete your profile to receive an additional 250 points ($2.50) towards your prize. They will never send you spam email!

Step 2: Complete Quick And Easy Surveys

You must complete about 15-20 of these quick and easy surveys before you can claim you Free PSN Games Codes. Below is a list of easy surveys that I have completed and got credit for.

  • EDU Research Group
  • YourGiftZone - Halo 3: OSDT Bundle
  • Taltopia
  • Eversave - Free Samples
  • All Voices - Rewards

Step 3: Order Your Free Prize!

This is the best part, once you have about 2000 points, you can redeem your Free PSN Games! Just click on the “Spend Points” tab on the top of the page, then click “Find a Prize.”
There you type in any item you want, click the item you want to order then place your free order! The website will send you your free prize within a few days!
If your planning on getting Free PSN Games copy and paste this code into the find prizes search box: PSN Games
Click add to cart and place your free order. That’s it!
I hope i have really helped you out, and enjoy your Free PSN Games!

Pirates of the Caribbean coming to LittleBigPlanet

Media Molecule recently teased a partnership with Disney at E3 which has now led to a full Pirates of the Caribbean themed playable add-on set to release December 22 for $5.99. The Pirates-pack also introduces the highly anticipated water update, along with the tools Sackboy will need to navigate said fluids (scuba tanks, air ducts and the like).

The Pirates of the Caribbean playable add-on pack comes with its own set of Trophies, five pre-made Pirates-themed levels, four new audio tracks, a new background, a free "Cannibal" costume, and a whole mess of decorations, stickers and materials to collect. The pack will land on the PSN alongside a six-pack of Pirates costumes, which include Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Will Turner and other characters from the movie.

Below is a list of the new Trophies.

Silver Trophies

The Bends
Achieve a score of 7000 in the Diving for Treasure survival challenge

HMS Interceptor
Complete the race in Cursed Bay with at least 4000 points left on the clock

Bronze Trophies
Pirates of the Caribbean Booty Master
Collect all the Pirates of the Caribbean prize bubbles

Beast Slayer
Destroy the Kraken boss

Ace Port Royal
Ace Port Royal

Ace Pirate Town
Ace Pirate Town

Ace The Frigate
Ace The Frigate

Ace Cursed Bay
Ace Cursed Bay

Ace The Kraken!!!
Ace The Kraken!!!

Publish a level containing water

Salty Dog
Complete 20 community levels that contain water

Get the Free Pirates of the Caribbean playable add-on pack and Free PSN Games
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Game Informer cover reveals Dead Space 2 featuring a redesigned Isaac

Game Informer's January cover story explores the frightening and cold corners of space in EA and Visceral Games’ Dead Space 2. They're already showing off a new look for lead miner/Necromorph killer Isaac Clark. They will go in-depth with 10 pages of exclusive details on what awaits Isaac Clarke in his new battle against the vicious necromorphs.

While your waiting for the new issue, check out how to get Free PSN Games.
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome to Free PSN Games!

Welcome to the site, ill soon have lots of post about PS3 games, PSN, and how to get Free PSN Games so check back soon!

Free PSN Games